Pre-assembled products: rubber + X

Even for pre-assembles products URM is the right contact!

Located in Brussels, URM produces loose components in synthetic rubber, ready to be assembled with other products or materials.


geassembleerd rubberartikel fabrikant rubberassemblages leverancier samengestelde rubberproducten

Possible combinations

A few examples of sythetic combinations:
  • hose assemblies
  • rubber and silicone bends in combination with PVC pipes
  • customized valves

Combinations in materials

  • aluminium & rubber
  • rubber & RVS
  • copper & rubber
  • ...


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Info, prizes and offers on pre-assembled products

  • Do you have a specific question in regards to assembled products or Universal Rubber Manufacturing?
  • More details about a specific material or in need of product specifications?
  • Do you need some information about possibilities with reinforced rubber?

Don't hesitate to contact URM for additional info, a price indication or detailed price offers.

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