Rubber manufacturer

As a manufacturer of rubber products URM delivers (Universal Rubber Manufacturing) industrial solutions (custom), applicable in various sectors.

Products produced by URM

  • products based on natural and / or synthetic rubber
  • rubber-metal connections
  • custom plastic molds
  • assembled items
URM provides services for nearly every business sector in which rubber could provide a solution to specific problems. In fact, synthetic rubbers come in almost every company (without common knowledge).

Find out what types of rubber exist, which (synthetic) materials can be used in the production and / or view some examples of standard rubber products.

Read more about how we work on specific rubber products or learn what molding techniques URM governed as rubber product manufacturer.

Benefits of URM rubber and plastics

  • high flexibility in the manufacturing of various synthetic rubbers and plastics
  • large production possibilities with different product characteristics
  • the manufacturing and assembly with possible plan (2D / 3D), drawings or design
  • the production of standard components with supplied molds is possible
  • URM can also make the necessary molds in its own production center
  • specific rubber / plastic mold pieces to size (obtainable according to various processes)

Used materials


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