Rubber profiles

Urm produces high quality rubber profiles in the production center in Brussels.

Rubber-metal connections

Connections or sutures in rubber & metal are also among the productions of URM.

Plastic moldings

URM produces standard moldings and molded products tailored to include neoprene, NBR, ABS, POM, PP, EPP, Silicone, ...

Assembled products

For composites and / or assembled rubber products, URM can be the solution for many companies.


URM - Universal Rubber Manufacturing

As manufacturer of rubberproducts, URM produces industrial solutions at the highest possible quality, for a wide variety of sectors.

Universal Rubber Manufacturing produces among others:

  • products consisting of natural and synthetic rubber
  • artificial assembly products and devices
  • custom composite molds

Rubber, plastic & metal

Ranging from rubber rings and flange gaskets about (whether or not reinforced and pressurized) gas and water hoses, pipes, bends and fittings to valves, profiles and frame ... URM manufactures rubber-derived end products of the highest quality.

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Rubber-metal connections, custom plastic molds and assembly products in natural of synthetic rubber are possible.

Why choose for URM as your manufacturer of rubberproducts?

URM has a broad knowledge of all the materials (plastics, rubber, metal, glass).
With a wide range of different design techniques including tailored composites, URM manages  various production processes in order to obtain the desired end product (product characteristics).

Looking for quality rubberproducts at the best price?

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